Aeration Needs for Backyard Ponds

Aeration is one of the most important consideration when adding a backyard pond. Without the proper amount of aeration, it is possible that the plants and animals that rely on the health of the water will not survive. Algae growth will occur, and the pond can become stagnant and develop an unappealing look and smell. Factor adequate aeration in the budget and in the design to make certain the pond remains the appealing feature it was meant to be.

How Aeration Occurs

Water must circulate from the deepest part of the pond to the surface. The process helps to add oxygen throughout the water and break up organic compounds that could settle on the surface and block the sunlight and oxygen.

Determine the Need

Two ponds of the same surface size and depth do not always need the same amount of aeration. The type and amount of fish and the plant life in each pond, as well as the temperature and other weather conditions of the exterior environment, play a role.

A fountain aerator may be enough if the pond is small and less than five or six feet deep. The bubbles created by the fountain may not penetrate to the bottom in deeper water. Cold water holds oxygen better than hot water, so the amount of time the aerator runs should increase during warmer weather.

Monitor the Pond

New pond owners need to check their ponds carefully and adjust the aeration over time for the best result. The signs that a pond needs more aeration are when the there is a large temperature difference (three degrees or more) between the water at the surface and at the bottom. Fish coming to the surface for air, an unpleasant smell and excess algae growth are common signs.

It is extremely difficult to harm fish or plants by adding too much oxygen to the water, but it is wasteful. People can spend too much when they buy larger aerators than necessary or waste energy running them longer than needed. Always check the pond, both visually and with nitrogen tests to keep the water as safe as possible. To begin, visit to find all of the equipment needed.